Report from the 1.MOVE meeting in Malaga, Spain the 24-27th October:

MOVE is a consortium based on European National EV Societies (NEVS) with the purpose of foster EV research and understanding across Europe by promoting MObility for Vesicles research between EV groups in Europe.

The 1.MOVE meeting was arranged in Malaga, Spain the 24-27th of October. The four EV groups GEIVEX (Spain), GSEV (Germany), UKEV (UK) and EVIta (Italy) were the joint organizers and made a professional congress for approximately 400 delegates from the whole Europe. Norway (NOR-EV) was represented by nine researchers from Oslo University Hospital (Radiumhospitalet, Rikshospitalet and Ullevål Hospital) and the University of Oslo.

The program was tightly structured, divided into plenary lectures, short oral communications (7 min + 3 min discussion) and industry sponsored lectures. All days ended with a great poster session with accompanying serving of Spanish cheese and wine. The content varied over large subject areas divided into EVs in basic biology, communication, several diseases and biomarker studies as well as EVs in communication, therapy and translational medicine. Norway participated with two oral presentations, three posters and one chair during the meeting. A large collection of EV related industry were also represented and new instruments and equipment were discussed and demonstrated.

During the conference, there was extraordinarily great activity among the participants both during and in between the symposium sessions. Lots of fruitful discussions and networking activities took place.

Malaga is a beautiful city by the sea with an old town filled with nice restaurants and places to visit. The symposium dinner was arranged at the outdoor restaurant Balneario Banos del Carmen, a historical spa venue that first opened its doors in 1918, with an impressive selection of delicious tapas dishes which could be enjoyed together with the spectacular sea view.

Collectively, the first-ever MOVE conference was an inspiring and busy four-day symposium that brought together people from many of the European national EV societies, and was really a great success both professionally and socially!