NOR-EV Annual Meeting 2024!

Thank you for joining the 2024 Annual Meeting of the Norwegian Society for Extracellular Vesicles (NOR-EV)!

The meeting was organized in collaboration with CanCell – Centre for Cancer Cell Reprogramming. It was a huge honor to be visited by Dr. Clotilde Théry, INSERM Director at Institute Curie, Paris, France. She gave no less than two talks, one at the annual NOR-EV meeting and later at the CanCell seminar. We first learned about the emerging recognition of EVs heterogeneity and about the goals and messages of the MISEV (Minimal Information in Studies of EVs) guidelines. She later gave a talk on different EV subtypes, non-vesicular extracellular particles and the cancer-immune system crosstalk, where we learned that some types of tumor EVs actually may be beneficial for the patient, and that promoting release of these EVs while dampening release of pro-tumoral cytokines could represent a new therapeutic avenue.

During both the NOR-EV meeting and CanCell seminar, we also were fortunate to hear talks from invited great national speakers, including Prof. Benedicte Lie, Prof. Frits Thorsen, Prof. Hanne C Winther Larsen, and Krizia Sagini, PhD, as young shot from CanCell. In addition, six speakers from different parts of Norway presented their interesting work based on submitted abstracts, including two poster flash talks. 

Download the full program here.

During the NOR-EV general assembly, some changes were made to the NOR-EV board. Prof. Alicia Llorente informed she was stepping down as President. We truly appreciate all the hard work and enthusiasm she has put into the NOR-EV Society as President and founder of NOR-EV, and are very happy that she will continue as a Board Member. We warmly welcome Prof. Marit Inngjerdingen from the University of Oslo as new NOR-EV President. In addition, Reidun Øvstebø wished to retire from her position as Board Member and was awarded Honor Membership in NOR-EV. We are really thankful for her important work and contributions to both the regional and national EV field, as she was leading the first regional research network on extracellular vesicles in Norway (2013-2016) that later evolved into the national society. In her place, we warmly welcome Mladen Veletic, PhD (Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and Oslo University Hospital) as a new Board Member in NOR-EV!


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The CanCell seminar was supported by UiO:Life Science

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