Nordic Science Club

The Nordic Science Club is a virtual club for invited and moderated EV science presentations and discussions. Currently, the club is jointly organized by the Finnish Society of Extracellular Vesicles (FISEV) and the Norwegian Society for Extracellular Vesicles (NOR-EV).

Join our meetings by receiving a shared invitation link from FISEV, NOR-EV or by contacting the organizers via email:
Dr. Janne
Dr. Ramila
Dr. Karina
Dr. Maija


The schedule for Spring 2024 can be found below (updates possible):

DateSpeaker (Affiliation)TopicTime (EEST)
13.3.2024Dr. Nsrein Ali (University of Oulu)Sweat as new blood – the EV centric view09:30-10:30
27.3.2024Dr. Uta Erdbrügger (University of Virginia)EVs in the Cardiovascular Kidney Metabolic Syndrome16:00-17:00
24.4.2024Dr. Alicia Llorente (Oslo University Hospital)1) Presentation of NOR-EV 2) Omics analyses of EVs for the discovery of prostate cancer biomarkers in urine09:30-10:30
8.5.2024MSc. Zeynep Tavukcuoglu (University of Helsinki)TBA09:30-10:30
22.5.2024Dr. Romaric Lacroix (Aix-Marseille Université)The role of EV in hemostasis09:30-10:30